About Us/Me


Hello, I'm Lisa Gill, an expert in natural and organic skincare formulation, holding a degree in the field and certified as an Aromatherapist. With additional certification in Holistic Wellness, I advocate for a holistic approach to bath, body, and skincare, alongside overall wellness, from my office in Canadian, Texas.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm a dedicated military mom to two children and share my home with my husband and our cherished Corgis, Ory and Winnie.

My passion is centered around raising awareness about the harmful toxins prevalent in everyday skincare, bath, and body products. I firmly believe in natural healing and the profound impact of a happy mind on our well-being.

In 2013, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey by founding my company, lisa32.com, from my kitchen. Since then, I've personally overseen every aspect of its growth, with invaluable support from my husband.

As a skincare industry expert, I prioritize transparency and product excellence. Every product we offer features 100% transparent labels, disclosing every ingredient. I handle formulation, label design, order processing and shipping, and more from our warehouse in Canadian, Texas.

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our biodegradable, eco-friendly wheat straw containers, which we encourage customers to compost or recycle to support a healthier environment.

While I primarily run the show, my husband occasionally steps in—his expertise in logistics and delivery is invaluable!